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The first album by Black Gale (former name: Eve's Ecstasy), an experimental darkwave metal band from Israel / Ukraine.
The official band's site:


released January 17, 2017


all rights reserved



Black Gale Ukraine

Eve's Ecstasy is an experimental project from Israel. It mixes different kinds of electronic and metal music with crazy ideas of it's members :-)
Band line-up:
Terry Ivensky (guitars), Tony Jahh (programming, keyboards, vocals), Behemoth 666 (some lyrics and translation)
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Track Name: At the bottom of reality (intro)
All the stars have left our tracks,
Prehistorical world has melted away,
Only waves and sand are all that remained,
So this epoch disappear with us.

Stepping through memory of planet Earth,
We clearly feel in each grain of the sand
Sun of the victory of those bright days,
Blessed by the leaders’ forgotten dust.

They revive in each soul of us
By an ocean of reckless, shining eyes,
They introduce the world’s sunny day
On the blades of the hardened swords.

The reflection of sky in your crystal blue eyes
Gives to world all your love, but your inner is void.
Accompanying us, water splashes to the coast,
All the roads are free, we are going nowhere.

Everything will be changed, rage and valor will be,
Fury crowds will dethrone greedy authority,
Everyone will rise to go straight to his dream,
So become a wild beast! Become truly yourself!

Take a turn around, see we are not alone,
There is excellent and mysterious world,
But we have no feelings, have no dreams,
We are free at the bottom of reality.

На дне реальности

Звезды покинули наши следы,
Растаял доисторический мир,
Волны, песок и пустота –
Исчезают эпохи и мы навсегда.

Ступая сквозь память планеты Земля,
Мы чувствуем в каждой крупинке песка
Солнце и радость победы тех дней,
Освяченных прахом забытых вождей.

Они оживают в каждом из нас
Океаном безумных, сияющих глаз,
Вносят с собой мира солнечный день
На лезвиях закаленных мечей.

Ясного неба отраженье в глазах
Дарит миру любовь, а внутри пустота.
Провожая нас, плещет о берег вода,
Все пути свободны – мы идем в никуда.

Но все станет иным, будет доблесть и страсть,
И свирепые толпы свергнут алчную власть,
И поднимется каждый за своей мечтой –
Стань же диким зверем! Стань самим собой!

Оглянись вокруг – мы не одни,
Вокруг нас прекрасный, загадочный мир,
Но нет больше чувств, нет больше мечты,
Мы свободны на дне реальности.
Track Name: Hierarchy of the light
In times of darkness be preparing to the war.
You didn’t mention but you saw this world before.
Stare to the glory and horror in his eyes.
He came from battle for throne of paradise.
Never looking to the sky, to the night that once was gone.
Never valuing your life, going forward to return.
Fighting day for night abuse, gore days and pale flows.
Moving back from paradise - carring sword that noone’s was.
In times of mental suffocation be prepare to forget yourself.
Seeing fear in stranger’s eyes, never minding they’re inner straight.
Analyzing own feelings, opening mind for far creations.
Dwelling in mist of pain, getting in touch with lust.
Hierarchy of the light - Darkest of your fantasies.
End of world without pride, searching for the remedy.

Turn your face away from eternal fire!
Your wings grow too fast.
Declarations of impurity wish to overrule reality.
Soul frustration in captivity makes all reasons right.
Abnormal spheres wait you, closing from the outside.
Never looking to the sky, to the night that once was gone.
Never valuing your life, going forward to return.
Never close way to him - battle was for future won.
Your hands are full in mortal sand pointing the bloody turn.
Hierarchy of the light is Darkest of your fantasies.
End of world without pride, searching for the remedy.
Track Name: A post-industrial twilight
Track Name: Beyond the memory of the world
Beyond the memory of the world

The riviere of antique dust
Is shining on her white breasts,
Like an open Universe
Under the stone moon light.
She holds the chains of constellations,
The gory world lies at her feet
In remains of revenge and glory,
In stones of tombs with no names.

Two darkly and weathered silhouettes
Are passing through demolished walls,
Each word is beard by the echo
Of the war that has no one won.
Shrill stone stair is following them
Though the consciousness deepest abyss,
Letting the Ancient silence
Into ruined borderless world.

One of wonderers turned,
He stared into darkness for long,
His words are still unrequited,
Still ding on the chill of the wind:
There is no peace, there is no war,
Death has no sense anymore,
The borders of influence are divided,
Each question has been responded.

I woke up and saw: space and time
Were the same under silver moonlight.
Can the world be so disingenuous
And these wanderers were We?
Getting out from eternity,
Your stare suddenly halted my thoughts,
Full of power and so full of senses
I am at my way back again…
You are giving me release from passion
Of all destructive vanity
From beyond the world memory,
From the wall of unknown love.


За пределами памяти мира

Ожерелье антической пыли
На белоснежной груди
Сияет открытой Вселенной
Под каменным светом луны.
В руках ее - цепи созвездий,
У ног - окровавленный мир,
В руинах отваги и мести,
В камнях безымянных могил.

Два тёмных, обветренных силуэта
Идут у разрушенных стен,
И каждое слово доносится эхом
Войны никого ни с кем.
Сквозь пропасть сознания их провожает
Пронзительный каменный взгляд,
Безмолвие древности устремляя
В их мир, где нет больше преград.

Один из странников обернулся
И долго смотрел в темноту,
Слова его до сих пор безответно
Звенят на холодном ветру:
"Нет больше мира, нет больше войны,
Бессмысленна каждая смерть,
Границы влияния разделены,
На каждый вопрос есть ответ."

Я проснулся, пространство и время
Было тем же при свете луны,
Неужели мир так лицемерен
И те странники были мы?
Между вечностью и настоящим
Оборвал мои мысли твой взгляд,
Преисполненный чувства и власти,
И я вновь возвращаюсь назад...
Подари мне свободу от страсти
Розрушительной суеты,
За пределами памяти мира,
За стеной неизвестной любви…
Track Name: Before and after Civilization
Track Name: Alien to reason world
The infinite crowds on infinited streets
Deeply lead into chaos of the ocean of lights,
Flicker as a reflection in unfamiliar eyes
Stroboscope of the shiny blue glass.

Look into skyscraper‘s misty height:
Do you see in each window unique life?
You don’t know the boundaries, where the world ends,
In last twenty years it was totally changed.

I could be your friend, your judge and enemy,
But I left this world on the border of times,
Among crazy ideas of all brilliant minds
Ordinary man, I am simply no one.

Everything has been lost: all the time, space and sense,
The continuous past has been torn as well.
Only fragments of memory forged my thoughts.
Why we cannot forget, simply forget it all?

No one has found the answers to questions,
No one influences fates of planets,
Only solar world has no limits at all,
He wished to everyone to leave his own trace.

Time goes by the sequence of generations,
Everyone attempted to find himself,
Someone remained, someone became dust.
The lights go down, the Earth turns around.

So a regular day was imprinted in the past
By the traces of sunset on the dark glass,
Looking into the depth of reflections for long
I could hear in the darkness the ringing of calm.

“You will become so cynic and lonely,
You will forget all you beloved” -
By cold grim in the window he smiled to me,
My faceless, strange, globalized world.


Чуждый разуму мир

В бесконечности улиц бесконечность людей
Устремляется в хаос океана огней,
Отраженьем мелькает в незнакомых глазах
Стробоскоп километров голубого стекла.

Посмотри в небоскреба туманную высь:
Видишь - в каждом окне уникальная жизнь?
Ты не знаешь границ, где кончается мир,
Двадцать лет назад здесь все было другим.

Я мог быть тебе другом, судьей и врагом,
Но оставил свой мир на границе эпох,
Среди дерзких идей гениальных умов -
Я такой же как все, или просто никто.

Все потеряно: время, пространство и смысл,
Безразрывного прошлого порвана нить,
Лишь фрагментами памяти скована мысль..
Почему мы не можем все просто забыть?

Никто не нашел на вопросы ответов,
Никто не влияет на судьбы планет,
Наш солнечный мир безграничен и вечен,
Каждый пытался оставить в нем след.

Время идет чередой поколений,
Каждый пытался найти в нем себя,
Кто-то остался, кто-то стал пылью..
Погасли огни, обернулась Земля.

Еще один день отпечатался в прошлом
Следами заката на темном стекле,
Я долго смотрел в глубину отраженья
В звенящей безмолвием темноте.

“Ты станешь циничным и одиноким,
Забудешь о всех, кого раньше любил” -
Холодным оскалом в окне улыбнулся
Безликий, чужой, глобализованный мир.
Track Name: The serpent island
When darkness comes and the Night begins
All creatures prepare to hunt and win
For Ancient Glory and Pagan Past
With Right for battle that lives in us.

Connected by virtue to woods and swords
We spent our lives near darkest shores
We keep our arms as symbol of fight
No one can conquer our land tonight.

We stood as one in the time of faith
And bitten could no one remained
No Christian whores and no Muslims tail
Could penetrate our Savage vale.

The land of darkwoods and waters of pure
We swear to save your richness for sure!
We gonna stand as one to the last
Barbaric future protects our past!
Track Name: The curtain of chaos
The curtain of chaos burned till the end,
Starky night opens eyes,
By beats of hearts flickers sunshine,
Irradiating lacklustre stars.

The universe in reflections of lights -
Capsized world gawped onto us.
We are just dot in some alien skies,
Give me your hand to feel all of my fuss.

It’s all within - depth of fire and ice,
Civilizations, destroyed themselves,
Riots, blood, the madness of wars…
No past left - you are keeping it all.

What the hell is going on, Earth?
Are we just sand for your lifeless depth?
Who will be judging, The God or The Beast?
All we can see – only lies and death.

The light is so close as Universe grief,
It is so light to keep silence about.
We will preserve those precious times
And become strangers for their proud.

Let them see void and lying in eyes -
Noone can understand from inside.
Forgiveness cannot be gained by us -
This guilty love should be kept aside.
Track Name: A sunrise over Eternity

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